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Getting Started

Way2Pay enables you to pay for goods and services using your smartphone or an RFID tag such as a smartcard. This application is where you configure your account to enable funds to be drawn from registered payment methods. From here you can link credit/debit cards, setup auto top up, view your transactional history, view any loyalty and rewards that may be available.

Adding Payment Methods

Way2Pay requires at least one payment method to be securely registered. This can be either a credit or a debit card. You can register multiple payment methods and select a default method to be used. Payment methods can be managed through the ‘Settings’ option. Security is key, our solution is fully PCI DSS certified. We work closely with our market leading payment gateway providers to ensure that no data reaches any un-certified servers.

Secure Top Up

Making a secure top-up to your account is easy. You can select from various predefined values. If you would like to top up a different value to this, then you can do so by entering this in the free field. To validate your payment, you must enter your Card Security Code, sometimes referred to as a CVV code. This is a 3 digit number and can be found on the back of your registered payment card.


Quickly and easily view your online statement from your mobile or desktop. All transactional data, as well as loads to your account is displayed here. You can see whether any payments from other ‘guest’ accounts have been made.

Auto Top Up

Auto Top Up ensures that you never run out of credit. It does this by automatically topping up your account with money from your registered credit/debit card. Whenever your card balance falls below the trigger amount, your account will be topped up by the ‘load Value’. You can disable Auto Top-Up at any point by clicking ‘Stop’.

Blocking Your Cashless Card

Your cashless tag is usually a smartcard that is linked to your account. If you lose this cashless tag then it is essential that you can quickly block this card, to stop it from being used by somebody else. To block your cashless card, please select ‘Block Cashless Card’ from the settings menu. Cards can also be unblocked using the same feature.

Creating a Guest Account (If Applicable)

You can create a guest account for external users to transfer funds to your own account. To do this, simply enter an email address. Way2Pay then creates an account for this user and emails the registration details. The guest can then log in online or via mobile to transfer funds to other Way2Pay users.

Creating Mobile Account (Single Sign-On Users)

Users that access Way2Pay via single sign-on will need to create a mobile account. This will enable users to access Way2Pay from any mobile device. Simply select the option from ‘Settings’, enter an email address and password, and wait for your welcome email containing further instructions. Way2Pay is also downloadedable as a mobile app available on various major platforms.

Privacy - What Personal Information does Counter Solutions gather about Customers?

When your account was first created on our system, Way2Pay, your employer will have provided us with some information about yourself in order to create the account. Your employer, school, college or university provided this information to make it easier for you to use the Way2Pay system, improve your user experience and in some cases so that they can send you news and offers for the canteen where you work/learn. Here are the types of information we gather and the sources they come from:

  • Information Your Employer/School/University Give Us: If your account was created by your employer, school, college, or university then they will have given us a certain amount of information relating to you. This may include your full name, personal or organisational email address, date of birth and your payroll number. This information will either be provided or not will depend on your specific employer/school/university if you want to know what information has been provided to Counter Solutions you need to ask your catering team.
  • Information You Give Us: All information you enter into our site is stored securely and only ever transmitted over a secure SSL encrypted connection. Any credit/debit card details that are entered are forwarded to our Payment Gateway CreditCall to process transactions but aren’t actually stored on the Way2Pay System.
  • Mobile: If you are using our Way2Pay Wallet App, we may also collect, with your permission, information on your current location as well as the type of mobile device you are using. This is so we can track any unauthorised activity on your account as well as make improvements to our service using the device type data that is collected by Google and Apple automatically.

Way2Pay regularly undertakes application layer vunerability and penitration testing.

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Privacy - Does Counter Solutions Share any Information it Receives?

Counter Solutions do not share any information provided to our system with anyone else or any 3rd parties. We do not have any control over what information your employer, school, college or university share with 3rd parties, and if you want to know their policy on information sharing you need to contact them directly.

Privacy - How Secure is Information About Me?

  • We work to protect the security of your information during transit by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts information you input before it is transmitted over the internet.
  • We only reveal the first 6 and last 4 digits of your payment credit/debit when confirming a payment or managing your payment methods and we don’t actually store your full credit card number in our database. All card details are handled by Credit Call our secure payments provider.
  • We ensure that all our customer data is stored securely in industry accredited and trusted data centres around the UK. So that your personal information is safe and secure.
  • It is important for you to protect against unauthorised access to your account by keeping your password and your computer safe. Allways be sure to sign out of Way2Pay if you are using a shared computer.

Secure Payments – CreditCall

Any and all payments made through/on behalf of Counter Solutions UK Limited Way2Pay System will be made by CreditCall. CreditCall is an industry standard payment gateway provided by CreditCall Group Limited. Credit call are fully PCI DSS Level 1 compliant.